Review consultations


Review consultations

Review consultations

Throughout the Pathways to Post-School Success review, a broad range of stakeholders have been engaged in the following ways.

Expert Panel Report: Consultation Draft 

On 16 May 2024, the Expert Panel Report: Consultation Draft was released for public submissions. For more information and to submit a response, refer to Expert Panel Report: Consultation Draft.

Environmental scan 

From 1 May to 21 September 2023, a comprehensive environmental scan was conducted. More than 1,600 stakeholders participated in the environmental scan via online surveys and 95 consultation events. For more information, refer to the Environmental scan report.

Targeted consultation

From 30 October to 28 November 2023, the Expert Panel conducted targeted consultations with 25 key stakeholder groups and more than 80 individual stakeholders. For more information, refer to the Targeted consultation summary report.

Discussion paper

From 24 October to 8 December 2023, the Expert Panel released a discussion paper for public submissions. More than 80 submissions were received. For more information, refer to the Discussion paper.